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Financially Empowering Individuals & Businesses Across Canada

Individual Income Tax (T1 Returns)

If you are behind on your personal taxes, or just need to file your taxes, we put your best interests first to ensure that we maximize your refunds for each tax year you have outstanding.


Don't worry, this is done with an in-depth knowledge of the available tax credits and deductions offered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and implemented by the Federal and Provincial Budgets for each tax year you must catch up on.


If you sold a rental property this year, run a sole-proprietorship or partnership business we have your back with that too. We consider the full scope of your business finances and apply experienced tax planning to lower your tax balances.


Our team will help show you the value in equity as opposed to paying someone else's mortgage. We help make dreams, goals, and desires become a reality through first time home ownership or by purchasing another rental property.  

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Sales Tax Returns (GST/HST), Bookkeeping & Payroll Services

We offer regular bookkeeping, so that you can report your GST/HST to the CRA and stay in conformance with regular filing requirements. Bookkeeping is available to you through QuickBooks. You will be able to access your secure company file online with your electronic device at your leisure. You can analyze customer information or supplier information, track revenues or costs, send invoices, and customers can pay their invoices digitally by visa debit or credit card to your business bank account.

Our regular payroll services can help you stay compliant with the CRA and your employees. We help you report Payroll Liabilities each period to the CRA as well as WSIB. Employees are issued direct deposit and paystubs accurately. We save you money by processing T4 for your employees and T4A for your subcontractors on time. We also manage issuing Records of Employment (ROE).

Incorporations & Corporate Income Tax (T2 Returns)

If you are running a sole-proprietorship and are constantly paying loads in taxes each year, it may be time to incorporate a name or numbered company. The benefit of a corporation over a sole-proprietorship is the tax savings you will have that you can use to reinvest back into your business. Our team will help navigate you through the process of switching from a sole-proprietorship to an Ltd., or an Inc.

If you have a corporation, we ask all the right questions to be able to uncover all the deductions available to you, so that you maximize your write-offs and minimize your tax costs. We also have tools to help you if you are using your personal bank account for business expenses and vice versa. We manage the processing of dividends, and issue T5 slips to shareholders.


We are valued members of anyone's team because we are knowledgeable and experienced CRA representatives who are the first point of contact for you, and/or your business. As CRA representatives, we help alleviate the frustration associated with you communicating with the CRA about your taxes, so you can focus on life and earning an income.

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Who Are We?

Meet the founder & future Certified Public Accountant – Ryan Elliott. Established in 2017, his firm is taking the lead by responding to the void in financial literacy among many communities across Canada. He is Canadian born with Jamaican roots and is married to an educated woman with two bright daughters.


​He supplies quality tax solutions to Individuals, Businesses, Corporations, Not-for-Profits, and Charities. The Regions his clients are from includes Peel, Halton, York, Durham, and Toronto. Let’s agree, the world has changed and the downtime for travel can be a waste of time. Virtual meetings have changed this landscape. Location and Timing is never an issue. Let Ryan navigate you towards your goals and on to the next level, or out of your tax issue anytime and anywhere.


Why Choose Us?

Satisfying your unique income tax matter is our mission, regardless of the situation you are facing. Our success is your success, and this is the foundation of what our business was build upon. 

We have a proven history of satisfied clients as your analysis of the company's reviews will find, and it is our goal to continue this for decades to come. Our knowledge and experience make us capable of offering a wide range of financial advisory services according to each client’s unique requirement.


It would be our pleasure to provide you with quality service that you can feel comfortable understanding. Our goal is to inspire you with financial literacy, so that you can make knowledgeable choices during the year as you develop the career, business, and finances you envision for yourself.

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What Is The Word Around Town?


Ryan is amazing! I'm so very happy that I met him.

He is very professional and takes his time to educate you on how the tax system works.


He also walked me through the difference between a sole proprietorship and a corporation as well as helping me to set up my corporation.


He also helped me to save a lot of money by understanding what I can and cannot claim when I do my taxes.


He's the best accountant I have ever met in my 20 years of living in Canada, I highly recommended his services.


I don't usually write reviews but this one is a must.

I have a very small cleaning company and had another accountant taking care of my business taxes and payroll, I came to find out that my taxes were not being filed properly and hasn't been for the past four years and after arguing with him on a daily basic he finally completed the taxes and sent it in with me owing the CRA over 100,000.00 (which was something I never paid for before and I have had my business for over 5 yrs).

I then contacted Ryan to see if his firm can do a re-assessment on my taxes which was filed to see what went wrong as I had never paid that much tax before. Ryan and his team worked day and night going through everything pertaining to my business and bills that I had, (while explaining everything in detail as to what went wrong and how they were correcting and processing the new filing). I am now a happy client having to pay less than half of what was filed to the CRA.

I want to say a big thank you to Ryan and his team and would recommend him to anyone who own a business and need an accountant (sorry I didn't use him early I would not be going through this headache and sleepless nights).

Very happy client


Ryan is AMAZING as a young business owner trying to navigate the Canadian Tax System I was feeling defeated.


I wanted to hire someone that I wouldn’t just hand my papers over to and get told if I would have to pay the CRA or get a return.


I wanted someone to educate me on how taxes work and Ryan did just that.


I hired him on Wednesday to do many things (personal taxes, sole proprietors taxes and also set up my corporation taxes and help me get a GST/HST number) not only has he kept his word, he has been in contact with me everyday since I’ve hired him and I couldn’t be more happy.


He takes his time, explains everything in detail and strips the tax jargon from the conversation and helps me understand such a complex topic.


I’m a type A person, I knew he was the best choice when he sent me a next steps email to help keep me on track!


When I say Hire him! You won’t regret it.

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